NIWAR product benefits

1. High stability due to special shape

NIWAR is the expert for the production of drums and spools according to your individual requirements.

We consistently work on maintaining our leading position.

Together with our network of partners, we follow the current sector trends so we are able to offer you the best solutions in optimum material and product quality.

Our drums and spools are used in many (industrial) sectors. Due to the special shaping of the running wheel board – and an almost 50 percent compaction of the material – we have achieved an incomparably high level of stability. This excludes the possibility of denting from occurring on the flange diameter.

Convincing arguments for NIWAR:

  • Stability and quality due to special shaping
  • Highly durable drums and spools due to special shaping
  • Enhanced performances and reduced costs
  • Stable products ensure the reliable transfer of the loads
  • Compatible solutions and wide ranging accessories
2. Wide variety of products

Our special area is innovative ideas for the wire and cable industry.

The NIWAR range of products covers a comprehensive range of competencies in the wire and cable industry. You can benefit from our long standing experience, our professional knowledge and our in-house development department.

So that you are always one step ahead with us as your partners, we subject our products to continuous further development.

NIWAR variety of products

  • Collapsible machine spools
  • Precision spools
  • Single-piece drawing and stranding spools
  • Storage drums and energy transmission systems
  • Bearing-mounted cable installation rollers
  • Turning and slewing devices
  • Transport spools
  • Special designs
3. Specialist individual production

We love challenges.

NIWAR is the specialist for the manufacturing of drums and spools according to your individual requirements. We are able to realise all production volumes, from individual manufacturing to the serial production. Our service is aligned to supporting you in the best possible way.

We can simplify and accelerate many of your processes.
Do you require a specialist spool, or do you have an idea that you would like to turn into a reality? Then we are the partners you need.
With our in-depth knowledge and in-house manufacturing division, we design intelligent, sophisticated solutions for you for the purposes of winding, unwinding and rewinding.

Are your specialist requirements especially complex? Our engineers will find an innovative solution - talk to us.

  • Planning & drawing
  • Adjustment of hubs and winding widths
  • Overhauling old spools
  • Balancing
  • Manufacturing of accessories
4. High-quality materials

Quality right down to the smallest detail.

NIWAR is characterised by the term 'stability' – in terms of both our company culture and the attributes of our products. Our individual work is our strength, as individual conditions demand expert knowledge.

Regardless of whether it is development, design or the production of prototypes – we complete all of the interlinked work processes ourselves. This results in high performance product solutions that provide long term stability.

Materials are especially important to us, as they provide the basis for our products. We only use high quality materials which we check on a continuous basis.

Since 2003, we have been successfully cooperating with the company SADAC/MECELEC, and have extended our range of plastics products.

5. Quick production

Do you expect a lot from us? We do too.

With X employees at two European locations, NIWAR manufactures drums and spools of all type that are sold worldwide. Reliability, provision and an excellent service all form part of our daily business.

Starting with the development, to the design work, and through to the production of prototypes and serial deliveries – we manufacture exactly the products that you need for your individual purposes.

We have developed our production systems and products on a precision basis so that they can satisfy your individual service requirements with both flexibility and speed.

Our core activities are focused in the business areas of machine and spool development, from the initial design drawings through to the production-ready machine technology.
6. Precision processing = durability

The highest production and quality reliability.

We see ourselves as being experts in the development and manufacturing
of the highest quality drums and spools for a wide range of different uses.

We offer precision service- and product solutions for your aspirations and specialist requirements. Our specialist knowledge, our long standing experience and our new ideas mean we can satisfy every customer need – from the production of individual solutions to serial delivery, and from sophisticated tools to innovative accessories.

You can always be sure of counting on the NIWAR quality and reliability. All of our products offer a high level of dimensional accuracy and are reliably durable. Our careful, high-precision processing helps ensure the optimum NIWAR product quality.

Your advantages

  • Drums and spools of all sizes and types
  • High quality materials
  • Precision processing
  • The highest quality standards
  • Long lasting stability
  • High wear resistance