TG combined folding transport spool

TG combined folding transport spool

The TG combined folding transport spool offers benefits that pay off: for the return transport, the robust transport spool can be folded easily. If disassembled, the storage space for the spool is max. 1/6 of the fully wound size. This means that you save space and costs.

  • Delivery sizes of 2,600 to 5,000 mm flange
  • In all spooling widths
  • High resilience

Mounting the spool

Step 1

Opening the spool to full diameter.

Step 2

Locking the opened spool disc to put on the spool core.

Step 3

Putting on the interchangeable core segments from one pallet and fitting the hub liner / hub tube.

Step 4

Putting on the second hinged disc.

Step 5

Final mounting with continuous stud bolts - the TG Kombi is ready for coiling cables.