We close the gap -
with drums and spools made of compound materials.

In January 2003, our company assumed sole agency for the company SADAC/MECELEC in the entire German-speaking area, extending the existing product range made of steel with spools and drums made of plastic – naturally combined with the familiar NIWAR know-how.

Our partners SADAC/MECELEC specialise in the forming of compound materials and are therefore ideally suited for the manufacturing of drums and spools from these versatile materials. As a customer, you have access to the complete range of SADAC/MECELEC products and services for the many different areas in which compound spools are used.

Products made of compound materials

  • Industrial parts according to customer specification
  • Plastic spools, flanges and profiles
  • Ballistic products

Areas of use

  • Industry
  • Rail transport and other types of transport
  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Marine technologies