NIWAR service benefits

1. Adherence to schedules and reliability

NIWAR stands for new solutions in the field of drum and spool design: for quality, efficiency and service.

In this field, we find our inspiration in the differing challenges in the wire and cable sector. Your aspirations and specialist requirements motivate us to create precision service- and product solutions.
We rise to new challenges on a daily basis keeping to deadlines, ensuring our reliability, and by complying with the commonly defined framework conditions.

We attribute the highest quality-related aspirations to our work so that we can achieve the best results for you. This also includes our appreciation for your individual requirement profiles. This enables solutions to exist that are aligned to your specific needs and which work effectively right from the start.

2. Strong cooperation partners

Strong and reliable - our cooperation partners.

As an international company in the drum and spools sector, NIWAR has consistently been setting new standards in
the fields of development and innovation since 1963. So that we can keep our leading position, we exclusively focus on high quality solutions.

Together with our subsidiary company HUNIWAR in Hungary, we realise individual and special developments in the field of drum and spool production all the way through to serial production.

Focused expertise for even more performance.

The perfect complement to our work in this field is provided by our cooperation partner SADAC/MECELEC. We have been extending our known range of products, consisting of steel and plastic, since 2003.

In cooperation with our partners TGB S.R.L. Selecta we see ourselves as being experts in the planning, development and production of stranding and taping machines.

We want you to benefit from the many advantages of our co-operations so that you can save time and money.
3. Certificated quality management

Comprehensive Quality Management.

Both we and our customers agree that a company's success depends on the quality and reliability of its products and services.

For us, quality is not only a word, it is a consistent aspiration. This is why we regularly ensure our quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

1. Quality of our products
The quality of our products is measurable and we realise the optimum solutions for every customer with a wide range of quality tests.

2. Quality of our service
The satisfaction of our customers is associated with the perfect quality of our products and services.

3. Quality of our processes
We complete all related work processes ourselves. We view the consistent checking, improvement and enhancement of our work to go without saying.

4. Quality of our team
Our team consists of trained specialists and is dedicated to continuous quality assurance and improvement.

We want to be the best in the market and we work to achieve this every day.

4. Open communication

Handed-down communications culture.

For us, the topic of open communication – on all levels – is highly relevant in both internal and external terms.

1. Open communication with our customers
From our first contact onwards we work together with you on a strategic basis, consistently working with open communications which optimise all processes.

2. Open communication with our partners
When it comes to the close and trusting collaboration with our cooperation partners, transparency is indispensable.

3. Open communication with our employees
The open communication of the cooperative management style contributes to a motivating working environment.

4. Open communication with the public
As innovative individualists, we value open communications as regards all business processes, special campaigns and innovations.

5. Further training of all employees

Qualifying with a future.

Your aspirations, the precision of our products and the continuous further developments in the sector consistently put us to the test.

We therefore adapt our qualifications, skills and expertise to the new challenges that arise all the time.

We know that our employees are the pillars of our success. We therefore offer requirements-based education and further training offers, generous social benefits, and apply tough requirements in the fields of occupational safety and healthcare.

Furthermore, every NIWAR employee is committed to consistent quality assurance and improvements.
6. Qualified customer advice

Qualified customer consultationsNIWAR stands for service – through and through.

You the customer have specific needs which we aspire to realise, more than satisfying your expectations. From our first contact onwards we work together with you on a strategic basis, consistently working with open communications which optimise all processes.

We have developed intelligent tools and accessories so we can simplify and accelerate our daily processes in the wire and cable industry in the best possible way.

What makes us so certain here?
Our quality and the reliability we provide.

  • Planning, drawing and manufacturing in line with customer requirements
  • Requirements-based adjustment of hubs and winding widths
  • Overhauling old spools according to individual requirements
  • Balancing of drums and spools
  • Manufacturing effective accessories for the spool technology