Our aspiration: excellent quality

High dimensional accuracy and continuous further development ensure optimum product quality at NIWAR. Our range of services covers a broad spectrum, from spool development to design and prototyping, and from individual production to serial delivery.

The following pages provide you with an overview of our product range:

  • Divisible machine spools according to DIN with central locking or fixing by bolts,
    customized diameters
  • Precision spools for automation processes
  • One-piece drawing and stranding spool with a diameter of up to 1,250 mm and a dead weight of 1.5 t
  • Storage drums and energy suppliers for electricity, gas and liquid supply at building sites or workshops (including motor or spring coil-up drive)
  • Cable laying rollers with ball bearings for any situation
  • Pneumatically powered turning and tilting devices
  • for optimum handling of machine spools
  • Transport spools for packing conveyors of all kinds
  • Special designs

Stability and quality thanks to special shape

For the shape of the flange, specially developed in-house by NIWAR, the base material is very highly compacted and thickened by almost 50%.

For example: with a 5 mm Stw22, the strength is increased to 520 N/mn2 and
the material thickness "S" to almost 8 mm.

Your benefit: the denting of the outer diameter of the flange of balanced precise drawing spools, as caused by impacts or blows which otherwise frequently occur, is almost impossible.